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Our products are based on our proprietary fertilized egg extract which regenerates aging cells in the joints.


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"Unlike most products that take 2-3 weeks to produce a noticeable difference, most people find the Laminine provides tangible changes within 48 hours."

"Testimonials for Laminine have been quite extraordinary — from the well-educated women who swear by it for stress relief and menopause to joint discomfort."

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"After taking Laminine, Grange for example, walked briskly and effortlessly up the steps. Just weeks earlier she could not even climb the stairs."

Philstar Global

"Laminine — a functional food supplement from the United States — has been helping people recover from debilitating illnesses."

Joint Discomfort
Doesn’t Have To Be Inevitable.

Studies have shown that sore, inflamed and immobile joints are tied to critically short telomeres. These telomeres are the “cap” or extension of DNA at the chromosome end. It protects the DNA code during cell division assuring less damage, so the next generation of cells will be healthy, strong and functioning well.

Thanks to science, you can stop the joint discomfort before it starts.


Laminine’s Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF2) — is essential in embryonic development, but diminishes as we age. Our bodies are incapable of producing FGF2, therefore it must come from consumption. It’s vital for lengthening the telomeres in your DNA and regenerating new cells in your joints.

From The Embryo to Growth Factors.

Laminine contains a fertilized egg extract that contains polypeptide growth factors like those in humans.

Telomere Activation.

Laminine activates your telomerase, which are the key to reversing cellular aging in your joints by lengthening your telomeres.

Joint Discomfort Disappears.

FGF2 leads to longer telomere length, which is associated with better cell division. This results in healthier joint tissues.

How telomeres
help reduce joint discomfort.

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The Scientific Way to Improve Your Life.


What is a Telomere?

A telomere — similar to the end of a shoelace — is a protective strand of DNA. But just like the plastic tip at the end of a shoelace, it encloses the ends so they stay intact.

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State of Being Old.

After some 50 to 100 divisions, telomeres become so short that the cell can no longer divide — scientists call it "senescence." We know as the "state of being old."

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Increased Results With Laminine.

After the subjects consumed Laminine daily for 90 days, telomerase enzyme activity levels increased six fold.

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Stan Brower (Canton, SD) The joints in my knees were very uncomfortable. After about a week of Laminine, I can’t believe they don’t hurt anymore.


Bonnie Salerno (Sarasota, FL) Before Laminine, I was limping badly due to soreness in my knees. Today, I’m limp-free.


Steve Grossman (West Hills, CA) I had aching joints all along my back and I experienced discomfort sitting and bending down. But since I’ve been taking Laminine, it doesn’t hurt that much.

Quality Begins
With The Manufacturer.

At LifePharm, we don’t cut corners. For us, we believe in rigorous scientific testing and sourcing the finest quality ingredients ever. Our manufacturing facilities in the United States are NSF, cGMP and FDA certified.

No compromises at LifePharm, because sustainability is the key to protecting our environment.



One to four capsules daily, taken before meals.
There are no known side effects, but please check with your physician before taking any supplements.
Our products aren’t glucosamine-based, they're based on our proprietary fertilized egg extract which regenerates aging cells in the joints.
Everyone is different. Some people see results in as little as a week, others it may take up to a month.

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